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Welcome to this page. This is where I keep info about game translation projects.

By "game translation project" I mean a project whose purpose is to change the code of a video game to display text translated from it's original language into another language, in this case Japanese->English.

I usually only handle the translation side of things, but I am able to dump scripts on occasion to get projects started. My translation ability is intermediate.

For a little bit on why I do this, see the bottom of the page and/or my individual project descriptions.

My Projects with Esperknight

Esperknight and I have been working on projects together for a while now and I have set up a page for our projects. This is still the page for all of my projects, including ones that Esperknight and I are working on together, but those links will direct you to a separate page. This page contains information on my other projects.

Please visit Esperknight and Filler's Video Game Translations for more info on our projects, or click on the individual project links.

My Translation Memory

I now use custom translation memory (click for definition) when working on my translation projects. I wrote it myself to assemble translated sentences like Google or Bing translate. However, it's also easy to add translations as you go and is intended to make your life as a translator a little easier. If you are interested in using it too please contact me.

Why I work on translation projects

You might wonder why the hell I do this?

Curiosity got me started. I'd been collecting games from Japan for a number of years and imagined being able to play these games in English. I'd taken a couple of years of Japanese in college but not enough to play any of these games with enough comprehension to really enjoy them. I began wondering if anyone had created a program to write English text over Japanese text in games. I quickly realized that no such program existed, but I found documents on sometimes) about replacing text in games.

I read these documents repeatedly trying to make sense of them. I read about hex editors and script dumping and table files and it was all very confusing, but I decided to take the Slayers game for the Super Famicom and try out what I was reading. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to find and change some text in the game. It was a lot of work, but it was very rewarding. Being able to experience small successes like this, one after the other has led me to keep working on translating games.

The excitement of simply making a table file or a script dump is starting to wear off instead I'm consentrating on games that mean something to me, that I think others will really enjoy, or are just interesting for some reason. The initial investmen-reward of starting a project is very small compared to the effort required to see one to completion, therefore it's important to pick your projects carefully and find people to work with who are passionate about the game. I struggle to keep my motivation up even on games that I really like sometimes.

Reference Documents

EDICT Format Onomatopoeia List

This is a ready-to-use dictionary file of English translations/definitions for Japanese onomatopoeic words and interjections I compiled from various web sources including terms submitted by contributors to

This document was compiled to assist fan translators such as myself when working on game translations (or anime, manga, etc...) with this often frustrating and ill-documented aspect of the Japanese language.

It's formatted in EDICT format to make it easy to use with programs like JWPCE, JquickTrans or other translation aids that utilize the EDICT format.

This is not intended to be a contribution to EDICT. I don't know if everything is accurate and I have not gotten permission from the sources I used. It's a list of definitions that are not currently in EDICT, or definitions that are more descriptive for the purposes of game translation.

I tried to stick to EDICT conventions of labeling and tried to use (onom)otopoeia and (int)erjection as appropriate. This document may contain errors and is not necessarily exhaustive. You can also find this document hosted on (RHDN). Revisions will be made as I add more entries to the list.

Other Projects

Other projects I've made some sort of progress making table files or dumping scripts for but are currently dead include: Anmitsu Hime (Mark III), Walkure no Densetsu (PCE), and Youkai Douchuuki (PCE).

Other projects I have done translation work for ranging from moderate(pages) to minimal(words/sentences), in no special order: Galaxy Robo (SNES), Mother(Earthbound) (NES), Zoid Saga (GBA), Akazukin Cha Cha (PC-FX), Nigeronpa, Airwolf, Gransta Chronicle, Langrisser Millenium (DC), Lupin III: Pandora's Legacy (NES), Coca-Cola Kid (GG) (other little things I probably forgot) etc..

My Most Wanted Projects

I'm trying to focus on finishing what I have right now. Lady Sword is my current focus. I'm also planning an update to my onomatopoeia list.

If you are interested in working on any of my projects with me please let me know! I need technical help on all orphaned scripts. Translation help is welcome also if someone is interested in helping me with an in progress script (currently no scripts in progress).

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