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This page contains information about my video game translation projects. I translate Japanese->English for fan translation projects with various folks, and also as part of established groups.

I'm currently a member of Dynamic-Designs, and maintain a page with Esperknight.

If you are interested in working on any projects with me please let me know! We currently need assitance playtesting and editing completed scripts. I welcome technical help on orphaned scripts, and translation help on in progress scripts.

My Projects with Esperknight

Please visit Esperknight and Filler's Video Game Translations for more info on our projects, or click on the individual project links in the side navigation.

My Projects with Dynamic-Designs

Please visit Dynamic-Designs for more info on our projects, or click on the individual project links in the side navigation.

My Translation Memory

I now use custom translation memory (click for definition) when working on my translation projects. I wrote it myself to assemble translated sentences. It's easy to add translations as you go and is intended to make my life as a translator a little easier.

Why do I work on translation projects?

I've enjoyed collecting and playing Japanese language games for many years. A long time ago now, I got curious about whether or not one could write English text into previously Japanese only games. I read up on romhacking on the sometimes) of the time. After learning some basics like how to replace font tiles, how to perform relative searches, and how to make table files, I moved on to focus on language translation.

Completing scripts, and moreso, completing translation projects is very rewarding. The amount of work and dedication required however, cannot be overstated. For some the rewards will be too little, or the challenges too great, but for myself it's endlessly fascinating and one of the things I'm most proud of having taken part in.

Misc Projects

I've had the opportunity to help in small ways on projects such as: Mother(Earthbound) (NES), Zoid Saga (GBA), Akazukin Cha Cha (PC-FX), Nigeronpa, Airwolf, Gransta Chronicle, Langrisser Millenium (DC), Lupin III: Pandora's Legacy (NES), etc..

Abandoned Projects

Other projects I've made some sort of progress making table files or dumping scripts for but are currently dead include: Anmitsu Hime (Mark III), Walkure no Densetsu (PCE), and Youkai Douchuuki (PCE).

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