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Magic Knights Rayearth (GG) [started 10-28-04]

Programming: David Duerr
Translation: Filler
Initial Work: Filler

If you'd like to work on finishing the English language patch, or need resources for an alternate language patch please download the Magic Knights Rayearth (GG) Script Package.


A cute RPG based on Magic Knight Rayearth. It seems not to just follow the story-line of the comic/show. Mokona runs off and you have to find it/her/him.

Screenshots show my beautiful font insertion and the first bit of text in the game that I went ahead and changed.

06-14-2011 Unfortunately David's hard drive died on July of 2010. :( David redid a bunch of his work and we've released a partial translation which you can download at the link above. If you can progress beyond where the text insertion leaves off please get in touch with me or David (ded302) with a save state.

05-18-2009 David Duerr has been in touch with me recently. He is continuing to play through the game and insert text as he goes. I recently helped him get by one of the mid-bosses.

screenshot of intro text insert

09-13-2008 I recently heard from David D. that he has started a semester in college and work on MKRE will kind of slow down. Also, because of control codes, he will have to do 2 more simple assembly hacks. But up until this point the pointer system is mostly figured out and some of the introduction text is inserted and working.

05-29-2008 Good news! I heard from someone who is interested in helping out with this game. It looks like they have made some preliminary progress. I've recently handed over the script for insertion.

04-13-2008 Seeking technical help with this game. If you are interested in attempting a script insert please contact me.

A video of the inserted intro text and a very short bit of opening gameplay.

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