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3x3 Eyes - Seima Kourinden (3x3 Eyes: Advent of the Divine Demon Legend) (SFC) [started 5-11-05]


Programming/Tools: Dynamic Designs
Translation: Filler
Initial work: KingMike

This game is an RPG based on the long running manga series by Yuzo Takada. The game is a simple RPG style game (along the lines of Slayers) that seems to be based mostly on the events in vol. 6 of the manga. I've been a fan of 3x3 eyes since I was introduced to it when I was just becoming interested in anime/manga. I've wanted to play the games for a long time, and I can't wait for the chance to translate the story for Seima Kourinden and find out what is going on.

01-31-2018 Work on this English language translation patch has moved to Dynamic Designs. It's based on the translation work done for the previous effort, 12 whole years ago now. Some tools have been written, and work is starting on script checking/editing. Once a project page is up, I'll likely redirect this page to the DD page, or at least provide a link to it.

12-19-05 A relatively major minor update. KingMike sent me some shots of the intro text insertion (pictured above). It looks very cool. There was also some text that happens at the beginning of the game that needed to be translated. I finished it a few days ago and submitted it to KingMike for insertion. Stay tuned for more info as it arrives.

11-14-05 Just a small update, I have translated the intro to the game which was previously untranslated and things seem to be progressing on the script insertion thanks to KingMike.

8-31-05 Awesome news! The translation of the script is complete! I thoroughly enjoyed translating this game. There were some points where I had a little trouble with descriptions of the magic spells and a few items, but for the most part it was a good time. I hope that 3x3 Eyes fans enjoy the finished product. I've placed the script into KingMike's capable hands for re-insertion. Hopefully it will be completed over the coming months.

6-30-05 Just a small update, translation progress is slow but sure. List of enemies, items, places etc. is pretty much completed. The dialog is around 15-20% done. KingMike sent me a sample of the font insertion a little while ago (pictured above) that looks very nice so far.

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