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Ace of Spades (PC) [started 4-01-04] [finished 12-21-2009]

Ace of Spades

Programming: G0ld3n
Translation: Filler


Ace of Spades is an H card game (poker/blackjack) with strong S&M themes. Basically you are playing as a "client" of some sort of S&M casino where the house is wagering beautiful sex slaves. Some of the scenarios shouldn't be tried at home, but they are really pretty cool, at least if you like that sort of thing. I started this project in response to an ad on the Whirlpool.

01-28-2010 I forgot to mention that the patch for this game was released on Dec. 21st 2009, the day after my last post. You can get your patch as always at RHDN!

12-20-2009 Guess what!? G0ld3n got ahold of me a few months ago with progress on this again. Wa-ha-ha! Not only that but I just took a look at the release candidate that will probably be released in the next few yay!

04-13-08 This project is in need of technical assistance. If you are interested in attempting a script insertion please contact me.

05-26-05 Editing is done and the script has been turned over to G0ld3n for insertion.

05-20-05 Son of a bitch. I finally finished translating the script for this game. I still have a tiny bit of editing to do and a final spell check, but for the most part it's done. I have to say, I really like this game. I suck at poker and blackjack, so I think I would never get to see the scenes in this game but they are really cool.

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