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Hoshi wo Sagashite... (Searching the Stars) (MK3) [started 3-30-2004] [completed 11-24-2009]

Programming: Kingofcrusher (Steve Seehorn)
Translation: Filler, Paul Jensen
Editing: Paul Jensen
Initial Work: Filler/Chris RPG


Hoshi wo Sagashite is a sci-fi text-adventure game for the Sega Mark III. It begins when the main character takes a vacation to visit his girlfriend and buys her an egg as a present. The egg hatches into a creature called a "Mio". You must discover what a Mio is, how to care for it.

The game uses a command selection system where you pick actions like "view" or "use", and point an arrow on the screen to select the target choice. It's a pretty good system for an adventure game. The game is worth playing for it's unconventional story that seems to include multiple endings.

Many thanks to Paul Jensen for additional translation/editing and sharing his unfinished work on the game with me.

12-20-2009 A walthrough was just recently posted on GameFaqs. See the Hoshi wo Sagashite walkthrough at GameFaqs. Thanks to odino!

11-24-09 The English translation patch is released! Many thanks to Steve Seehorn for the fantastic programming work, Paul for his great efforts on the project, the late ChrisRPG and everyone who worked on this. You can get your copy of the patch a

08-28-09 Very good news on this project! I was approached by someone who has already done a lot of programming work on the game and was looking for a translator. I was able to send them my script and progress is being made on insertion. Keep an eye ont his project. A release may be on it's way yet!

04-13-08 Seeking technical help with this project. I belive that Chris had made quite a bit of progress with this. If you are interested in trying to pick up from where he left off you may want to contact Sky Render at

8-19-04 This project has been handed over to Chris for the time being. Some great progress has been made in re-inserting the translated menu and intro text. The intro and menu have both been hacked for text space/placement successfully. An English title screen has also been designed. Still left is the insertion of the main dialog and title screen, as well as the finding/dumping/translating of text in two easter egg screens, and any bug-squashing/play testing needed.

WARNING! The following video contains spoilers about one of the endings so please be aware!


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