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Battle Golfer Yui (MD) [started 10-21-2017]

Programming, Graphics, Tools: Supper
Inital Work, Translation: Filler
Initial Tools: Guest




A golf adventure game about an evil organization making cyborg "battle golfers" in order to take over the world? Seems legit.


12-28-2017 Beta release! You can get the public beta v0.9 Battle Golfer Yui English Language Translation Patch by clicking the link. Note: the patch is to be applied to a .bin file that matches CRC32 value: 4AA03E4E. Also, the readme mentions providing the script and probably tools publicly, but those are not available yet. They will be forthcoming.

12-21-2017 I took a look at this due to a post on Dynamic Designs's board around the 21st of October. It turned out to be pretty easy to make a table file and dump the dialog script. After that I kept picking away at the script despite having other projects to work on since I had it open in my editor and it was relatively interesting to translate.

Around November 28th, I noticed Supper post a screenshot of a very nice looking title screen for the Sailor Moon game on Mega Drive for which they needed translation support.

I decided to take a chance, and asked them if they'd be willing to help me with Battle Golfer Yui in exchange for assistance translating Sailor Moon. I happen to like Sailor Moon, plus the game seemed easy, and I also had a hunch Eien ni Hen might be up for translating it anyway, leaving me free to work on other projects. ;)

Currently, I've formatted the script to fit the character limits of the text routine, and Supper has done a laundry list of hacking to expand menus, and make accomodations for the English text. The insertion was based on Guest's original work with Atlas, with some tweaks by Supper. Currently, Supper has finished some graphics which look great, and they're working on the last fixes, and a play-through. Hopfully this project will see a public beta before too long.


None currently.

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