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Madou Monogatari (GG) [started 09-11-2009] [finished 09-01-2010]

Madou Monogatari for the Game Gear. I agreed to help Kingofcrusher with this since he was working on Hoshi wo Sagashite - The Story of Mio with me. It's a cute and classic dungeon crawler that seems like a lot of fun.

Madou Monogatari I English Translation Title Screen
Madou Monogatari I English Translation Teacher and Children
Madou Monogatari I English Translation Fell Out of Bed
Madou Monogatari I English Translation Where am I?
Madou Monogatari I English Translation Fighting Puyo
Madou Monogatari I English Translation Healing Item
Madou Monogatari I English Translation Cockatrice Appears

Hacking: Kingofcrusher
Translation: Filler


NOTE: To report bugs please check this forum to see if the bug has already been mentioned, and then add your report with screenshots/savestates if applicable here: Thanks!

09-01-2010 Another update, this time to the patch! We have now released a 100% playable version that has had all the issues mentioned in the bugfix thread addressed. There still may be some odd spots in the script but playability should be complete including the ending. The only thing left not working is the ending credits themselves. Do you really want to watch those anyway? Enjoy! Letest Madou Monogatari English Patch at RHDN. This includes the compass fix so that patch is no longer needed.

04-15-2010 An update to the patch already! Good samaritan Sfon has made a patch for Madou Monogatari that translates the cardinal directions on the compass. You can apply this patch in addition to ours in order to experience the game with translated compass. Madou Monogatari Compass Fix Patch.

04-14-2010 A patch has been released. Yay! This patch is incomplete but should be playable. There is text bleed, the script hasn't been fully checked, and it hasn't been playtested. It's kind of "as-is". If anyone wants to make bug reports just send them my way and I'll make sure they get where they need to go. We could use a savestate near the end of the game also. You may get your patch (Ninja format) here: Madou Monogatari for Gamegear at RHDN.

01-28-2010 Posted a bunch of screenshots. Holy crap does this look good! Kingofcrusher has done an awesome job implementing a VWF/DTE routine that looks great and allows a lot more text to fit on the screen. Script insertion is coming along well too with 2 out of 5 blocks inserted. This is coming along great!

01-20-2010 First draft has been finished up and handed off to Kingofcrusher. Yay!

01-10-2010 First draft of the translation is nearly complete for this. Probably about 10-15% left plus clean up.

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