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Energy Breaker (SFC) [started 11-17-03] Finished 9-23-2012

Programming: Disnesquick
Translation: Satsu, Filler, Ollie, ???
Editing: Satsu

9-23-2012 Holy cow, it's finished! I just heard from Disnesquick that the patch is available. You can find the Energy Breaker English translation patch download link here!

3-9-05 All translation is finished for this project. As far as I know the script is still being edited by satsu and hacking work is being done by Disnesquick.

9-10-04 I started this project because I was interested in the game and discovered that someone was working on it. About 20% was already translated by a previous translator, I began translating the remainder in November of 2003. I had other projects in the works so I didn't start working on it in ernest until around May 2004. Two additional translators were added around July and we split the remaining script between us. As of 9-10-04 I finished a rough draft of my portion of the script which I am now cleaning up and editing.

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