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Sword of Kalin (FDS) [started 01-29-05] [finished 04-15-05]

Programming/Tools: KingMike
Translation: Filler
Translation/Editing: Satsu


For those who don't know, this was an early RPG by Square (known as DOG at the time). Early as in pre-Final Fantasy.

This game I did by request on MO's board. KingMike is doing the hacking work. I've wanted to try working with him and the script was small so when he asked for help with it I agreed. I decided to finish it in one weekend which I did. I got satsu to agree to edit it for me, and my rushed job showed, but not as badly as it might have. I was able to get the finished script to KingMike within a week or so, which I thought was a great turn around thanks to satsu for doing such a timely job editing.

4-16-05 I am happy to announce that KingMike posted the finished patch yesterday. It's done! (Note this is my first translated game to actually go public. Yay!)

Since it's not that easy to find, get the disk image here. Get the patch here. Enjoy.

3-9-05 I added 2 additional screens kindly sent to me by KingMike.

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