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Lady Sword (PCE) [re-started 2-24-05] [finished 11-28-2010]


Hacking: Esperknight, Tomaitheous
Translation: Filler, Grant Laughlin
Additional Translation: Eien ni Hen
Editing: Paul Acevedo
Playtesting: Gabriel Jones, Enigmaopoeia
Initial Work: Filler


11-29-2010 We've released a complete English language patch for this game! It's been a very long time. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. There is a patch and more info in the readme on RHDN so go there and check it out!

04-08-2010 I guess I may have forgotten to mention, Esperknight offered to take a look at this game a little while back. This project has been mostly dormant for about 3 years but thanks to Esperknight it's coming along nicely! I'm currently playing a WIP of the script insertion. Take a look at the pretty screenshots.

04-13-2007 I've had some help on this project from a very nice translator named Grant Laughlin. Mr. Laughlin lent me his services and finished the remaining script for this game. It still needs to be playtested rather thoroughly since it needs to be compressed before insertion, it will need to be as close to a finished script as possible before insertion. I am starting to feel like playtesting may be an area where I am particularly lazy, but once I finish WtPC this will probably be top priority.

12-28-2006 Tomaitheous got back to me a while ago with a version of the game that includes an inserted font. Check out the screenshots above to see the cave-speak in action.

11-09-2006 Guess it's been about a year now. ^_^ Some good news on this project though, Tomaitheous of PC-Engine Dev has stepped up to lend a hand. It seems that the font may have been found, but no progress so far other than that. Just wanted to update about the promising news. Keep an eye out in the future, hopefully more updates will be coming.

10-06-2005 I'm currently seeking technical help for this game. I submitted a help wanted ad to the Whirlpool but it has since gone down, so I decided to put it here. I haven't been working on the script for this game recently but it's about 1/3 done and getting some technical help would definitely light a fire under my translation efforts. I'm looking for someone who can insert a font and reinsert the translated script. Inserting the script may be a challenge, it uses a lot of reusable lines that are referenced within the script by dual byte sequences. The font is not standard either. If you are interested in the game and would like to help me finish it, let me know.

This game was originally started on 10-16-03 but I chose to list this by its "restarted" date, since the initial work on this was done so long ago. I had my real breakthrough with it when I went back to it again over a year later. As a self proclamed "translator", I am just happy when I can figure out enough to dump a script I can translate for a game. In this case I was very happy because it was a bit of a challenge. I'll try to find some technical help to make a real project out of it, but for now I have a script I can translate at my leisure. The game is a dungeon crawler apparently with cheesecake shots of women thrown in.

WARNING! The following video may be marginally NSFW.

The following is a video of a French translation that is being worked on by another group that is based on this translation.

Here is a funny page from Secret of Joe Musashi's "weird games" page procaming how weird this game is. Be sure to check out parts 2, 3, and 4. ;)

Lady Sword: Strangest Game Ever

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