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Slayers RPG (SFC) [started 03-20-2002] [finished 03-20-2010]

Dynamic Designs


This is an RPG for the SNES based on the Slayers series. This game is unique in that it does not draw on the more familiar anime so much as the Slayers Special novels and manga. It features some new main characters and villains, as well as the old favorites. Character description translations thanks to Eien ni Hen.

03-20-2010 8 years to the day since I began seriously working on this project I'm proud to say that it's finally being publicly released! I hope everyone who has been waiting for this game; those who have played my really old patch, or followed RPGone's project, or have been following D-D's progress, even those who gave up on this project being release long ago, please consider giving this patch a try. Bongo, WildBill and all the others at Dynamic Designs have put in a long 10 months on this project and completed a high quality localization. Thank you for being patient and supporting the various groups working on this throughout the years. If you want the details on the history of the Slayers SFC (Super Famicom) project please take a look at the readme accompanying the patch.

On to the good stuff! The Slayers SFC game came out early in the SFC's life, or late in the Famicom's life if you want to look at it that way. Slayers came out in June of 1994, the SFC came out in November of 1990. This is only speculation, but according to Bongo, after looking at the way the game is coded, it appears this may have been slated as a late Famicom release. However, by 1994 the Famicom was seriously dying out in favor of the Super Famicom, and the game likely changed target platforms mid-development. Consequently I like to think of it like a very nice looking Famicom game rather than a so-so looking SFC game.

The patch includes a full re-write of the script which is very entertaining and well done. Effort has been made to preserve the integrity of the game's code and it should play perfectly on real hardware. The game is outrageous and comical in many areas. Expect a typical RPG experience that's anything but typical! After all, it's Slayers! It also marks one of the first meetings of Naga and Gourry, who also meet in later PlayStation games (and possibly one OAV, I'd have to check it again). I think Slayers fans and RPG fans both will get a kick out of this game and enjoy both the quality of the original game design, and our efforts in making the best localization we can. Please enjoy this little effort of ours at bringing this game to an English speaking audience and a nostalgic "what-if" experience as you get to play this game in English almost 16 years after it was originally released.

Until the patch is available on please get your patch at Dynamic Designs!

12-20-2009 Things are coming along really well on this project. The script is probably over half way through the rewrite and is becoming very playable. For screenshots and more info please check the news/project/and forum pages over at Dynamic Designs.

09-21-2009 Woo-hoo! Some progress to report. The Slayers game is officially being worked on by Bongo and Co. at Dynamic Designs. So far a new VWF routine has been written and is working very well. See the following screenshot for proof!

05-19-2009 By my magnificent powers of rom hacking necromancy I bring this project back to life! Actually it's Bongo who replied to my RHDN help ad almost a year ago that made it possible. I contacted him again recently and he agreed to take a look at the game and see what he can do when he has some time. Yay! As steward of the script I hereby bequeath title of official hacker to Bongo.

04-13-2008This project is in need of technical assistance. As far as I know this project is fairly well along. If you are interested in picking up from Chris' previous work, please get in touch with Sky Render at

WARNING! The followind video of a midboss battle may contain spoilers.

Main Characters

Slayers was my first rom hack, but it was not very good. :( For the patch I added about 10K more translated material to Robert Boyd's Slayers translation, including story dialog through the first dungeon and part of the first town. My rom hacking ability is not very good in general, but I work with skilled rom hackers now, so my projects will get done right. ^_^ Here is my old patch Slayers RPG patch. The release of RPGone's much better patch is imminent. ETA is currently who knows.

Please see RPGone's page for the status of the real translation.

Find a FAQ/Walkthrough on the game at

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