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Maison Ikkoku (PCE) [started 6-26-03] [finished 04-09-08]

PC Engine Hu-card

Programming: David Shadoff
Translation: Filler



"A humble adventure game. This game will be enjoyed by fans, but others may not find it interesting. In addition to pleasing the tenants with various things like cup ramen and liquor you must also get on the good side of the manager. The story advances the more you enter the manager's room, but aside from that there are few restrictions on what you can do. Aside from a couple of exceptions you will not encounter "game over".

It is necessary to buy numerous items to get on the good side of various characters, but once you figure out the secret you can get unlimited funds. The degree of freedom is probably the greatest feature of the game. There will be many people who are confused by this game. Yet those familiar with the original work will be able to progress even if they make a lot of mistakes. The secret is in what items please people and how to make money. I recommend this to older gamers who remember the original work and are fans of the series." - (loose summary from a Japanese web site)


04-11-08 David contacted me recenlty and we've decided to release the patch as is. As far as we know it's fully playable and bug free, but we have not been able to complete the game so we don't know for sure.

You can get the latest patch from

06-06-07 It lives! Bwahaha! Come to find out David Shadoff has revisited Maison Ikkoku. Much to my surprise, he recently approached me with completely re-done hack of the game. I began play-testing and checking the script and have been able to play further in the game than before. At this point it should only be a matter of figuring out how to get through the game, knock on wood. It's a great development and I'm very happy. Stay tuned for more info.

8-19-04 The most recent work on this has been a re-insertion of the font and re-creation of the table file to place the font over-top of the characters that appear in the password select screen. In addition, the password screen text has been hacked, and great progress has been made in the form of play testing. What is left is bug-squashing, further play testing, and (possible) title screen insertion. It has been a long road, I'll have to check when I started to know exactly how long. This is the first project that I have done so much with and been so involved in. I am very dedicated to it, and I'm thankful for all the work David has put into this project as well.

(Sometime in '03) This project is being worked on myself and David Shadoff who is very knowledgeable about the PC Engine platform and programming. I have fully translated the script as well as altered the in game "Maison Ikkoku" graphic, inserted the font, and made various small adjustments to the game. David has expanded the rom to 512K, written a great custom script inserter, as well as ASM hacks for single-line spacing and word-wrap.


Download the Translated Manual! - in PDF format (3MB)

Translation Notes - in txt format.

Hints & Cheats - in txt format.

FAQ on GameFAQs, thanks to Rob Browning.

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